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Concrete Cutting Perth

Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing and Wall Chasing

Our renowned concrete wall sawing system has many advantages compared to hand-held saws when used for wall chasing and other projects.  The saw can be operated from distances of up to 10m from the cutting head (blade).  The track-mounted cutting system ensures that cut lines are precise and the finished work needs little to no remaining work.  Our concrete wall sawing service is the most precise method of cutting openings in vertical concrete structures.  The wall saw system track can be mounted in a range of positions on steep inclines, vertical walls, stairs, and even inverted cutting to a depth of 540mm per side.

Wall Sawing can be used for:

  • Putting in openings and breaking through walls
  • Unreinforced and reinforced concrete with the most widely varying aggregates

Our concrete Wall Sawing is a vibrationless process, taking care of building substances and offering static advantages.  This ultimately produces a cleaner cutting surface making less re-working necessary.

All of our concrete cutters have a minimum of 12 months on-the-job training before working in the field as a machine operator.  Additionally, all operators follow strict safety procedures to ensure the work is carried out with minimum risk and to the highest standard.

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Concrete Scanning
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We use the Mala CX series Ground Penetrating Radar which combines Radar and Electro-Magnetic technology to locate and identify energized power cables
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We use various methods:

  • Wallsaw : track mounted machine capable of cutting 740mm thick.
  • Floorsawing: cutting of floorslabs roads etc
  • Ringsaw: Handheld saw cutting to a depth of 265mm.
  • Handsaw: Ideal for tilt panels and openings in brick and concrete.